SChool of piping & drumming

Year-round lessons for busy schedules. 

The best way of ensuring continuous improvement is through private lessons. We offer one-on-one or small group instruction on a weekly basis year-round and have lesson times to fit even the busiest schedule. Both adult and child beginners are welcome. Private lessons are offered in 30 to 60 minute periods and are very reasonably priced.

Private Lessons/Workshops 

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Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Examinations

Similar in concept to the more familiar Royal Conservatory Examinations, the Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Examinations is a certification program. It consists of a series of examinations in the playing, history, maintenance and theory of the Highland bagpipe, as well as the snare, bass and tenor drum.

The school’s current head instructor is a designated examiner for the Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board, which incorporates the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Society and the Institute of Piping certification programs.  CLICK FOR DETAILS

    The 78th has the most qualified instructors in the region and follow the Institute of Piping’s certificate program employed by the National Piping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland.