Grade 5 band prepares to play under a cloudy sky.

Grade 5 band prepares to play under a cloudy sky.

Grade 5

Do you want to learn how to play pipes and drums from Excellent instructors in a fun learning environment?

Our Grade 5 pipe band is relatively new but growing, and is turning out some excellent young players.

We start young players on practice chanter and drum pad, teaching basic rudiments, music reading, theory and tunes. Once the pipers have a few basic tunes on the chanter, they begin their journey playing the bagpipes, and then into the Grade 5 band! Snare drummers learn many of the same skills, and once they have some simple drum scores, they get to play them to accompany the pipes.

Our Grade 5 band depends on new people to grow and compete, and we strongly encourage all interested to come and try.

There are associated programs that allow students to build their skills outside of band, such as private lessons through the Halifax Citadel School of Piping and Drumming [with the World-renowned Bruce Gandy], and small gatherings and competitions through the winter months to challenge and develop musical and performance skills.

Sound like fun?

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